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Who we are

We are a U.S. based consulting firm with a passion for helping you make significant and lasting improvements to your business. Founded in 2000 we utilize our employees vast knowledge of networks, coding and cloud technologies.

What we do

CertChannel inc. helps its clients get the competitive technological advantage through our expertises in web-based solutions. CertChannel Inc. delivers throughout the life cycle of your technology investment. CertChannel Inc. is committed to delivering the best technology solution customized to your specific needs.

Why us?

We put security first. Contact us know for an initial free consultation.

Special Note from our CISO


Fresh Cloud Solutions

Business Continuity

Ensure your organization can continue to operate within a reasonably short period of time in the face of a serious incident or disaster.

Hybrid Solutions

Allow workloads to move between private and public clouds as your computing needs and costs change. A hybrid cloud gives businesses greater flexibility and more data deployment options.

Extended Storage

Consolidate your storage infrastructure and enhance your business agility to support core business

Faster to Market

Scalability, flexibility, cost, interoperability, security. All these things mean you can spend more time concentrating on your product to minimize production time.